Her Traitor's Heart - Inspirational Historical Romance by Colleen Hall

Her Traitor's Heart - Inspirational Historical Romance by Colleen Hall

The Civil War had turned Coral Leigh's life upside down. Coral had grown up enjoying a privileged life as the pampered daughter of a wealthy South Carolina plantation owner. The war took her fiance, her much-loved brother, and her dear father in battle. Coral blames the Yankee soldiers for the loss of her loved ones and despises the soldiers who occupy the South after the war. Her beloved Elmwood has fallen into disrepair and now exists in shabby splendor.

After the war's end, Coral's mother is taken ill and dies, leaving Coral alone in the world. Alone and grieving, Coral's bitterness toward the Yankees fuels her determination to restore Elmwood to its former glory. With the help of two loyal servants, Coral works hard to pay the debts owed on the plantation and make it prosperous once again. General Clint Logan, a  handsome Yankee cavalryman and part of the local occupying army, rescues Coral and her two servants from a gang of ruffians while they're returning to Elmwood after a trip to town. Coral resents being in the general's debt, though he proves to be a gentleman. She determines to put him from her mind, but events continue to throw them together. General Logan warns Coral that living alone on the plantation isn't safe during those unsettled times and offers her a job in town working for him, but Coral's bitterness makes her spurn his offer.

Restoring Elmwood to its former glory proves to be more difficult than Coral imagined. She has little money to buy necessities. The cotton that had been stored in the outbuildings during the war which she planned to sell to pay the taxes she owes is confiscated by a carpetbagging scalawag. After a marauding gang of thieves plunders Elmwood and leaves Coral destitute, she has no choice but to accept the job offered by General Logan. Her pride suffers a blow when she moves to town to begin working for a member of the hated enemy, and Elmwood is auctioned to pay the taxes.

As Coral works beside the Yankee cavalryman every day, she begins to know the man as an individual apart from the color of his uniform. General Logan breaks every stereotype of Yankee soldiers that Coral had imagined. He infuriates and charms her by turns. When she finds her traitor's heart falling for a former enemy, she must decide if her pride will allow her to love him.