HyperSync - A business leadership book by Martin Heskier

HyperSync - A business leadership book by Martin Heskier - affordable book publicity

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Self help in business leadership and entrepreneurship with focus on empowering innate success and potential.

Unleash the power of meaningful coincidences and optimize your synchronicity with life and joy.

HyperSync creates a new format for management and leadership that works to optimize your soul-energy component and empower your heart to achieve exponential power and optimization of your personal success.

"I could have saved years if I had used more method and less self roller-coaster fixes if I only had Martin's book."

-Mario Esposito, Google

"This book will change your life! I have known Martin Heskier for many years and have seen his impact on thousands of people through his coaching, motivation and genuine care for people. Many of the chapters will have an impact on your daily life, health, wellbeing, energy and happiness."

-Stephen Schueler, CEO of Enerjen and receiver of the 2021 Global Sustainability Award.