The Last Lumenian - Sci Fi Fantasy and Action Adventure of the Rebel Princess named Lilla by S.G. Blaise

The Last Lumenian -  Sci Fi Fantasy and Action Adventure of the Rebel Princess named Lilla by S.G. Blaise - book promotion sites

The main hero, Lilla, is a 19-yr.-old sassy princess. Refugees on her homeworld of Uhna have been decreed to work the crystal diamond mines. Lilla seeks to free them of this terrible fate. Born as a powerless princess, she struggles with claustrophobia induced panic attacks. Lilla does not fit into the royal court that favors male leadership above all else. She always yearned to find her true place where she can be accepted as she is.

Lilla joins the rebellion not only to help the refugees but to keep a promise she made to her mom, whom she lost at a young age.

The arrival of a mysterious and handsome general complicates Lilla’s rebel life. He also brings news of a new Era War, a battle between the two ruling archgods, that threatens to burn up the whole Seven Galaxies.

Lilla is called upon to take up the mantle of Sybil, becoming the right hand and general to the Archgoddess of the Eternal Light and Order, one that is Lilla’s heritage and duty. The Archgod of Chaos and Corruption has hidden on Lilla’s homeworld, using a mortal form to stay undetected while desperately searching for the last Lumenian, the only one who can stop His plans. Lilla has a chance to find and defeat the archgod while he is in a mortal form, stopping the Era War before it can devastate the Seven Galaxies.

Lilla refuses to give up on the refugees. Furthermore, having never been taught how to use and control her newly surfacing magical abilities, she wants nothing to do with her Lumenian heritage.

Only when Lilla witnesses the desolation the archgod wreaks on unsuspecting worlds does she understand that the promise she made to her mom encompasses not only the refugees, but everyone who cannot protect themselves.

Now Lilla is in a race against time. She must learn to control magic blocked by her past trauma and guilt. Lilla must defeat the archgod before He finds her, the last Lumenian.

Lilla will not only accomplish her goal and free the refugees, but she also keeps her promise to her mom and finds her true place in Book 1.