Tom's Ride - A Morgan's Run book by M. Lee Prescott

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After a scorching divorce, Tom Jacobi is left burned, the ashes of his life scattered all around him. Attempting to heal, he leaves his home in Montana and comes to Saguaro Valley. There he settles into a job as assistant manager at the magnificent Valley Stables surrounded by rough cowboys, prized thoroughbreds and wild mustangs. When he meets Grace McGraw the rough hewn, yet carefully sheltered world, he has created is softened, the fires of anguish quenched by love.

A Saguaro Valley native, Grace is consumed by the day-to-day care of her alcoholic father and her struggles to keep their family hardware store running. Then a tall, lanky wrangler walks into her life and changes everything, stealing her heart and lightening her load. Tom offers strength, comfort, and courage supporting her in ways she never thought possible. Join the Morgans and their valley community in book twelve of Morgan”s Run and witness the unfolding of Grace and Tom’s sweet, but also white hot love story!