Where E.T. Lives by Edda Tassi

Where E.T. Lives by Edda Tassi - self-published book marketing sites

Elon! You were up there, in the sky above Rome. It captured Bambi, pure, systematic, free essence.

His dust became celestial, from the yellow flower , to the water, to the air, with night lights above Ostia Antica. The net to catch butterflies or fish, to save E.T.  

And that red sky over the Vatican, that fond me a home from Mars.

Elon! You also came for Potter, the big dog of the square. He now walks under the light of Sirius in the winter triangle. On special nights its black- white shadow appears. Only I hear his woof from my window. Ramon, the invisible cat, looks out to greet him. Potter sees his sharp nails and long, thick whiskers, leaning against closed shutters.