CDL Minded Marketing by Joe Ryder

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CDL Minded Marketing is about how to start, build and scale a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Business by marketing and having an established brand. This will not only help lay down the foundations of marketing (that most CDL Entrepreneurs don't know) but this will also help beginner and current business operators take actionable steps to overcome the challenges of standing out in their CDL Business. This will also separate themselves from the competition while helping their customers/audience in the CDL Industry. (especially during these times).

In CDL Minded Marketing, you will discover:

  • How to stay in business for the long haul, regardless of the fact that this decade is off to a rocky start
  • 9 tangible benefits of having a CDL-minded marketing strategy
  • The secret to lasting customer relationships, even if you don’t have a marketing degree to rely on
  • Ways in which freight companies can make the most of both old-school and brand-new, digital marketing
  • Sneaky ways to see what the competition is doing, and then learn from their mistakes
  • A bulletproof strategy for setting up a loyalty program your clients won’t know how to resist
  • The one golden way successful commercial drivers get tens of client referrals
  • 10+ channels you should be using to reach new clients
  • The best industry events to attend this year if you want people to know and remember who you are