Love has a beat - a lesbian erotica by S.M MILES

Love has a beat - a lesbian erotica by S.M MILES - book promotion sites

Lesbian erotica novella.

Lucy is mending a broken heart, using her talent for writing songs as a way to help cope with the pain she is feeling. As Lucy remembered all she had felt for Lauren, all the hopes, dreams and wishes she had had when they were together a deep yearning and ache grew. Lucy used to write like never before, to get it all out.

Lauren only cares about her needs, her desires but she learns the hard way what that feels like. After dumping Lucy because she became bored, Lauren seeks out new love interests. Lauren has fun until she meets Mandy and for the first time in her life Lauren understands love. Mandy is only after fun, something to pass the time, to help erase stress in her life. Lauren learns the painful truth about how it feels to be rejected and used.

Gina is allowing herself to fall deeper into isolation as she pushes those around her away and jeopardizes her music career. After some success Gina believes she is doing than she is. Gina still needs to build on her success, but instead Gina puts her sexual appetite first. Marty, her manager finally has enough, and Gina finds herself alone.

It is not the best of starts when Gina and Lucy meet but when Gina is at her lowest she finds support from L Lucy. When Gina hits rock bottom and reality hits, its Lucy who helps her get back to how she was before fame took over.

From business associates to friends to lovers. This story will arouse, tease, excite and leave you feeling good.