Nearly Drowned - a Christian urban fantasy by TR Moore Ede

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Malissa's love for water seemed unstoppable, and that was about to be put to the test. First in a pool, second with a cliff over water. Even after being released from the hospital, swimming was the first thing on her mind.

The events were connected; she knew that for sure. Her kidnappers confirmed it. But at a glance, they speculated that they were connected for other reasons, ones that stretched since before she was born.

Her parents had no clues. Malissa was adopted, so perhaps that was a clue in and of itself. Only a note pinned to her baby blanket left the smallest of clues. Malissa was left on her adoptive parent's doorstep for safety reasons. Nothing else.

After sixteen years of life, she discovered she wasn't from an orphanage. Her biological father was out there and cared for her enough to leave her with another family. But if her kidnappers were the reason he left her, his plan failed. And now Malissa is left not knowing what she is up against.