Bear Daddies: Menage Second Chance Romance by Lilly Wilder

Bear Daddies: Menage Second Chance Romance - book promotion by Lilly Wilder

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It’s almost more love than I can bear.

I’m a single woman over 40 with two competitive men in my life.  One, my lover from college, flat-out dumped me without regrets, putting his tribe ahead of our love twenty years ago, but wants a second chance now.  I should hate him but he’s still just too gorgeous.  The other is my new lover, who’s protecting me from the revenge of his enemies, a ring of shape-shifting thieves.  And…both of them are bear shape-shifters.  

These two hot beasts are fighting over me.  But what can I do when I’m pregnant with one of them, I can’t give either one up, and I don’t know which bear is the father?  Can I bear to stay with them or walk away from both of them?  Can they bear to live with each other?  It’s a situation where we’ll all have to bear up.