Dare to Imagine: A magical, whimsical journey for children by Leonard Eckhaus

Dare to Imagine: A magical, whimsical journey for children book promotion by Leonard Eckhaus

Dare to Imagine is a cornucopia of children's poems, songs and fables designed to engage curiosity, conversation and create a sense of belonging.

Kids can follow along with the kitten Patches as she makes a new friend and experiences the importance of heeding her mother's advice.

And they’ll meet Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, and learn how she taught all the other stars to shine brightly and light up the sky every night.

They can also go on an adventure with Darby, who rides a trolley car and marches in a parade.

Or a journey to an ancient castle to meet a king and queen, and learn about blackbird pie.

Each poem and fable thoughtfully parallels events and activities all younger children experience in their own lives, and the included questions create fun, enlightening and sometimes silly conversations for the whole family, or classroom!

And as an extra bonus to keep the fun going, each of the poems is also a lyric to a song that kids can learn and sing along with!

Simply purchase the book to get special access to the free song downloads.

Dare to Imagine is a slam-dunk addition to your family library, and the perfect gift for the kiddos or teachers in your life!