Life Giving Dementia Care - self-help by Toni Kanzler

Life Giving Dementia Care - self-help book promotion by Toni Kanzler

When my mother asked me the same question six times in fifteen minutes…when she unknowingly came out of her room with her underwear on the outside of her pants…when she didn’t recognize her favorite restaurant and thought it was someplace new…I knew there was a problem. I knew I needed help. But I had no idea what to do.

If someone you love has Dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you’re their caregiver, how do you know where to get help and what to do first? What if you make mistakes and hurt them instead of helping? What about the cost – do they have the resources to pay for care? And  will your family, friends, or employer understand the new demands on your time and support you, or will everything fall apart? CAN YOU REALLY DO THIS?

Winner of a 2022 Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medal, 2021 Best Indie Book Award, and an Amazon bestseller, Life Giving Dementia Care, is a non-technical, easy-to-read resource for dementia caregivers. Through the author’s personal anecdotes and practical examples, you learn how to be a confident, compassionate caregiver for your loved one while also taking care of yourself. It’s a conversation, like chatting with a friend who has “been there and done that,” candidly sharing their own fears, pain, joys, and lessons learned as a caregiver. It is absolutely possible for you and your loved one to experience great joy during this journey.

Learn how author Toni Kanzler and her mom accomplished this and how you can, too.

Part how-to, part memoir, you’ll learn step-by-step what to expect as a caregiver and how to plan from early symptoms and diagnosis through estate settlement. Sprinkled in each chapter are highlighted comments from the patient’s perspective that give you a fresh understanding of how they are impacted by their dementia. Each chapter ends with summary points and can stand alone for reference as needed. The appendix includes insightful interviews with other caregivers and family members sharing how they were impacted by the caregiving experience.

This is the practical, indispensable, resource every dementia caregiver needs.