Rescuing the Prince - YA fantasy romance by Meghann McVey

Rescuing the Prince - YA fantasy romance book promotion by Meghann McVey

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Leah Heroman plays perfect Princess Cinderella at a popular southern California theme park. Behind the scenes, she doesn’t know how she’d function without her boyfriend, Gerry. He is her rock and motivation through the overwhelming anxieties of modern life. He also happens to play Prince Charming. Could a girl ask for more?

During the afternoon fantasy parade, a black dragon plucks Gerry off Leah’s float and carries him away. Attempting to rescue him, Leah is hurled down the park’s wishing well. She emerges in Autumnstead, a magical medieval kingdom where Fiona, a princess who looks just like her, has run away…again. Leah’s agreement to impersonate Fiona until she can find Gerry again embroils her in the land’s many intrigues. No one in the Other World is quite what they seem, and they all have secrets.

Among the people she meets in Autumnstead and beyond, Leah finds herself drawn to the shy, handsome Tolliver. Their feelings cause her to question everything she ever knew and believed about love.

On her quest to rescue Gerry, Leah must find her own courage. She learns magic, experiences battle, and travels across the continent. But in the end, will she have what it takes to defeat Gerry’s fearsome captor, the Dragon Rider?

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