The Best Laid Plan by T.C. Barnes

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Chad Ramsey is having a very bad day.

Just last week, he was riding high; closing a $200 million dollar deal at work, looking forward to an upcoming party, and just about to realize his dream of making full partner at his firm. In fact, everything was going pretty much his way…until tonight, when Chad’s long-standing plan to murder his wife goes horribly awry.

A mistake is made. Terrible. Irretrievable. And as the blood dries and a body must be removed for disposal, it becomes all-too clear that he’ll have to sink lower than he ever thought possible to try and stay on top of it all.

But things aren’t always what they seem, and Chad’s not the only one with a plan. And as Chad faces challenges he’d never even dreamed of, he ends up breaking every rule in the book to try and stay ahead. Because, in the end, it all boils down to who can work the hardest, move the fastest, be the smartest. Who can cheat, lie, and steal their way towards winning it all.

Because all too soon, it becomes undeniable; only the person with the best laid plan will have any hope of getting out of this mess alive.

And with all that money on the line, another murder might just be the easiest plan of all…