The First Harm: A Medical Action Thriller by Steven Piskula

The First Harm: A Medical Action Thriller book promotion by Steven Piskula

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A first-year medical student determined to do everything right . . . discovers something very wrong. Now she’s in a deadly race to expose the truth before more lives are lost—including her own. Or is it already too late?

"The First Harm is a breakneck-paced thriller that grabs you from the opening and takes you on a twist-filled ride until the shocking conclusion." - J. Jason Hicks, author of Ruinwaster's Bane

"A dark and chilling tale of medical malpractice featuring a corrupt corporation, a relentless assassin and a gutsy medical student. . . . a nerve-shreddingly exciting read and lovers of medical thrillers will certainly enjoy it." - Originally published by Jennifer Hill on Reedsy Discovery (Labeled a Must Read)

"It is twisted, riveting ride that left me wondering how something similar to the fictional plot could actually happen." – RavenousReaderReviews