Autism: One Grandparent's Roadmap by Geoffrey Robinson

Autism: One Grandparent's Roadmap book promotion by Geoffrey Robinson

It is hard to over emphasize the value of early intervention for children on the spectrum. Although written in a grandparent's voice, the book provides directions for parents and care givers who want to support the child. The child’s future cannot wait for an official diagnosis. Our diagnosis did not arrive until over a year after we had begun early intervention. I believe you should start as soon as you begin having concerns about what you are experiencing with the child. If the child is not on the spectrum, you have still begun good practices to support the child. The book is a compilation of live links and articles to get you started on your journey. For the child's sake, you cannot afford to be behind on knowledge. Early intervention.

When it came to learning and understanding what autism is and is not, and how to appropriately support our child; we had to dig out every word on our own. Where do we go? Where do I find this? How do I do that? What does stimming mean?
After six years with a lovely grandson on the spectrum, I decided families needed an early intervention a roadmap. With luck, someone smarter than me will write a better one.

The links embedded in the book are live so you can go directly to the resources or articles I have cited.

I am not a therapist or clinician, but I have spent years accumulating information to help my grandson. Information I wish I had had the day he was diagnosed.