Pink Punch by Laura Kinch

Pink Punch book promotion by Laura Kinch

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Pink Punch is a humorous superhero fantasy about a teenage girl, Kris, who, upon discovering her mother, who recently separated from her father, has been running around Northberg as the city’s newest hero–Pink Punch. Almost immediately upon finding this out, Pink Punch is caught in an explosion, putting her in a coma.
Kris puts on Pink’s suit, and continues her mother’s investigations, all the while pretending she is the same person beneath the suit. She is helped by Pink’s superpowered Mustang, Stan, who isn’t particularly happy about having to babysit a teenager. She also has to avoid her father, who, as a detective on the Vigilante Crimes Unit, not only has no love of vigilantes, but holds Pink Punch responsible for his wife’s coma.

Pink Punch will appeal to those who love Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Steelheart’, Marissa Meyer’s ‘Renegades’, and anyone who loves superheroes.