Awakening Through Moments of Choice: A Memoir of Divine Guidance by Vince Kramer & Mary Kramer

Awakening Through Moments of Choice: A Memoir of Divine Guidance book promotion by Vince Kramer & Mary Kramer

This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $8.99) 2/2/2023 - 2/4/2023!

Vince and Mary Kramer have built a community that is living and talking about taking responsibility for their own beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

A community that addresses the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of the human experience through education, open-mindedness and acceptance.

And their mission is to encourage others to commit to a similar journey, one that allows them to shed limiting beliefs, one that opens them up to living on purpose!

Vince and Mary’s shared story of a life that took a dramatic 180 will inspire others to reexamine their own path forward, with a keen focus on the assertion that no one is beyond change, no one is above growth, and with each person that takes that important step – our world heals a little bit more.

They’re confident your followers will resonate with the idea that everyone is welcome, and everyone is viewed as having potential for greater happiness.

We hope you’ll consider Mary and Vince for a potential feature or guest piece in the future – as I said, it’s never too late to shake things up!