KyRose Takes A Leap: Saving the World with STEAM and Magic by Cicek Bricault

KyRose Takes A Leap: Saving the World with STEAM and Magic book listing sites Cicek Bricault

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Empowering and inspiring kids to love STEAM and learn to collaborate with one another to solve problems–big and small–is likely every parent and teacher’s dream. Here's a delightful story that bridges technology with nature and celebrates our differences, as humans and animals. And, allows each child's voice and passion to be heard.

It’s 2030 and students at MakerX20 (STEAM-based middle school) are building gadgets for the first astronauts about to land on Mars. Meanwhile, twelve-year-old KyRose has a secret mission of her own. She’s a freak. Well, at least, that’s what her classmates say when they see her talking to animals. Truth be told, that’s her superpower. But really, all KyRose wants is to be normal, like everyone else, and win over Georgia, the captain of the soccer team and most popular girl in school.

Meanwhile, a mystery ensues off the coast of Catalina Island. The ecosystem has gone awry and left a young dolphin stranded. Will KyRose save the day? Or in her frenzy to fit in, will she shun her special gift—and her best friend Cora—to achieve the acceptance she longs for?

From microbes to migration patterns, KyRose traverses the circle of life. Yet, before she can help anyone else, she must accept herself, even if that means being different. Only then can she blaze a path of her own—unique and authentic—to find the true belonging she seeks.