Sorority Rumble (Sexy Catfight Stories) - an erotic tale by Violet Ashcroft

Sorority Rumble (Sexy Catfight Stories) - an erotic tale book listing sites Violet Ashcroft

Making new friends can be a tough proposition. Mandy, a nerdy college student with a secret and desperate for acceptance, finds that out the hard way. She thinks that joining a sorority will finally make her popular, but nothing could be further from the truth. Blake, the drop-dead gorgeous sorority president, has made it her mission to make Mandy's life as miserable as possible. When a mean-spirited prank at Mandy's expense is performed, her social life appears to be over. The real drama, however, has only just begun. Zoey, a sexy spitfire with an attitude and Mandy's best friend, has a few choice words for the sorority president. It doesn't take long for Blake and Zoey to come to blows in a contest where each woman is pushed to her limit. Furthermore, neither individual intends to fight clean. These scantily clad ladies will settle their differences in front of their peers in a confrontation that won't fail to titillate the senses. Fans of female wrestling and catfighting shouldn't miss this sizzling tale filled with plenty of action, suspense, and breathtaking sensuality.