The Martyr's Blade - an epic fantasy by Joel Manners

The Martyr's Blade - an epic fantasy book promotion sites Joel Manners

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Get ready for an epic adventure that will sweep you away to the frozen lands of Albyn!

Book One of the epic series, the Chronicles of the Martyr, "The Martyr's Blade" is a finalist for the 2018 Indie Book Awards for fantasy and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. The San Francisco Book Review raves, "This is fantasy fiction you can sink your teeth into."

Follow three of the realm's most legendary guardians as they track down the perpetrators behind a series of gruesome rituals. Meet Lord Bradon, a veteran commander; Sir Killock, a Templar knight more at home in the wilderness than any court; and Danielle d'Lavandou, heir to the Martyr's Blade, a legendary weapon guarded for generations.

As they uncover a sinister threat to all of mankind, the fate of the kingdom rests in Danielle's hands. Will she be able to wield the Martyr's Blade when it is needed the most, and at what cost? As Crown clashes with Temple for control of the Blade, Danielle must make a decision that could sacrifice everything she holds dear - including life, friendship, and love.

This tale of courage, camaraderie, and sacrifice will have you falling in love with the enduring characters and the stunning world in which they live. Don't wait - start your journey with "The Martyr's Blade" today!