Brewmaster of Arabia: A Tale of Revolution by Kent L Johnson

Brewmaster of Arabia: A Tale of Revolution book listing sites Kent L Johnson

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Glen and Doris Bailey are two Star Trek nerds that long to live in outer space but are stuck in a Central California bakery. When Glen was in high school, a close friend gave him magic mushrooms during a camping trip and Glen found that Star Trek became more real in his hallucinogenic state than he ever thought possible. This Star Trek awareness led him to learn to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as manipulate yeasts in a lab which helped the family bakery flourish.
Unexpected lab mishaps, a Mexican fiesta filled with hallucinating men, a Catholic cleric who takes credit for the bizarre behavior, and the targeted nature of the people affected by hallucinations, alert the US government to Glen and Doris. A secret US agency seeks their help to change regimes in foreign lands.