Celebrity Word Scramble Famous Names in Television by Bill Maier

Celebrity Word Scramble Famous Names in Television book listing sites Bill Maier

The Celebrity Word Scramble Television Edition is a word puzzle game based on the concept of an anagram, where you need to re-organize the letters to recreate a word. The Celebrity Word Scramble TV series contains names of different stars, ranging from 7-time Emmy award-winning actor Alan Alda to reality television stars such as Kylie Jenner. Each puzzle page has several five or six letter words, circled letters in each word helps you in forming the celebrity's name. Apart from the selected letters, the puzzle also provides details regarding the celebrity's biography, and examples of their most popular appearances on TV. Celebrity Word Scramble is intended to interest a wide scope of puzzle lovers with puzzle books on sports, entertainment, history, and literature.

Bill Maier graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Journalism before settling into a 28-year career in consumer product sales. He grew up in a household constantly infused with the activity of crossword puzzles. Having inherited the puzzle bug from his dad, he has been doing word search and word jumbles all his life.

- 100+ puzzles to solve on the most iconic TV stars

- All solutions for the puzzle, provided at the end of the book

- Helps in increasing and sharpening brain memory