Duty. Honor. Corrections. My Prison: My Past & My Life by Chuck Williams

Duty. Honor. Corrections. My Prison: My Past & My Life book listing sites Chuck Williams

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After 30+ years of searching for a place to belong, I began a 22-year stint as a corrections officer at a
maximum security prison and found more than I could have imagined. Sure, the lifelong friendship with
my fellow officers is invaluable; however, what I learned about myself is probably what saved my life
more than once.

Life as an alcoholic by my early teenage years, quitting high school a month before graduation, a series
of entry-level no future jobs, and my unwillingness to blame everybody else but myself made for a shaky
marriage that, despite all my issues, is stronger today than ever thanks to my wife Pam and her unbelievable faith in me.

My story includes alcohol, attempted suicide, gambling, PTSD, depression, and more. It also includes how I’ve overcome many of those demons and keep working to be my best self everyday. Whatever your battles may be, you too can find success and joy. It begins with loving yourself.