La Famiglia: The Fourth Son: Seth's Story by Annalisa Russo

La Famiglia: The Fourth Son: Seth's Story book listing sites Annalisa Russo

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One of my most beloved characters in the Cavelli family saga is Meg, only daughter of the patriarch, Michael Cavelli. She debuted in the first book as a twelve-year-old—sassy, mischievous, and smart as a whip. And she had a giant crush on fourteen-year-old Seth Truitt who became family when his sister married her father. A crush she never got over.

When the 1929 crash happened, Seth lost all his hard-earned money and fled to the military. But now he’s back eight long years later, and he needs a favor.

Chicago 1936: A female P. I. A handsome flyboy. A thirteen-year-old case.

Against her father’s wishes, Meg Cavelli is now a private eye, then the past tears back into her life. Seth Truitt is sexier than ever and needs her help, but he left her flat eight years ago. But could he help her solve a compelling case—a psychopath that she and Seth dubbed “the monster” when they were kids.

After leaving the Army, Seth Truitt has a no-strings-attached deal for Meg: he helps her pursue the monster and she helps him with a career ending problem. Since he has no intention of letting Meg go again, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Will Seth be able to convince Meg to trust him after he left her flat? Can Meg open her heart to accept help from the handsome flyboy?

Joining their minds and hearts might be the only way to stay alive, because somewhere, not far away, the monster lurks…