The Effective Communication Method: 9 Keys to Master Communication Skills, The Comprehensive Training Guide to Step by Step Improve Your Communication Skills and Build Successful Relationships by Brian Basterfield

The Effective Communication Method: 9 Keys to Master Communication Skills, The Comprehensive Training Guide to Step by Step Improve Your Communication

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A sweet way to communicate with everyone, everywhere and anytime. You heard that right, everyone! Whoever you want, without fear!
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Unlock your true potential by improving your social skills and talking to anyone with confidence and ease.

You're probably wondering why others find speaking to hundreds of people in a crowd to be a breeze, but it's a nightmare you don't want to live through.

You’re not alone in this dilemma. Fear of speaking in public ranks as the number one phobia among Americans, affecting 73% of the population.

The mere thought of having to speak in public sends shivers down your spine. Would it surprise you to know this same fear is linked to the inability to strike up a conversation with others, self-esteem, and how one carries themselves?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar:

When your lack of confidence shone through in that nerve-racking interview for a promotion?

The time you chose not to clear up a misunderstanding because you were too shy to express your true feelings?

Or when you were labeled as insensitive after making offensive remarks when you thought they were perfectly normal?

These incidents stem from the same source: your poor communication skills; and it’s not just limited to small events.

If left unchecked, you will suffer the negative consequences of failing to learn how to communicate properly and effectively.

Effective communication skills, fortunately, can be learned and improved. This guidebook is your best bet for guiding you through the entire process of improving your social skills.

Inside, you’ll discover:

    A closer look at communication and how an individual's communication style is influenced by their outlook on life — learn about the interplay of the various factors that influence how you speak
    Why you should improve your conscious communication — speaking wisely and mindfully is the way to go!
    How to truly use active listening — there's a lot more to listening than just hearing what others say
    The significance of understanding the role of language in conversation — become acquainted with the various language dynamics to up your game
    Body language 101: get to know the various types of body language that speak louder than words
    Why you should always be compassionate when speaking — empathy aids in the development of better and healthier relationships with other people
    How to become proficient and good at written communication — learn how to create written content that no one will ignore

And much more.

Communication is at the core of your interactions with other people.

Mastering this skill has greatly aided historical figures in amplifying their voices. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson… These inspirational leaders were all effective communicators who were able to effect great change and accomplish amazing things. And you can, too, by discovering how to level up your communication skills.

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