The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk by Michael Reisig

The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk book promotion site Michael Reisig

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What you are about to read is basically a collection of insight by best-selling author Michael Reisig – humorous, social, slightly political, and most of all, honest. It’s inclined to make you open your eyes and nod your head with a sage grin, as genuine perception of the highs and lows of life strikes you between the eyes. And by the way, it’s funny as hell in a number of places.

I mean choke on your spit funny…

I’ve been told that this relatively short collection goes well with a couple of cold beers or a glass or two of wine. It’s not politically correct in very many places, but it’s honest, so ultimately if you’re good with a little insight and a healthy slice of humor, you’re in the right place. Basically this book will make you laugh your ass off while digging out nuggets of truth you either didn’t know or refused to admit. And after you’ve absorbed these bits of wisdom, lots of people will think you’re smarter than you actually are…

So… go get that bottle of wine, or that six-pack, settle into your favorite chair, and set off on an adventure of knowledge and humor. If you open your mind while you open your eyes you might just stumble into some of the hiding places of real honesty and intuition.