The Rusted Lantern - an edge-of-your-seat adventure-action romance by Bill Patterson

The Rusted Lantern - an edge-of-your-seat adventure-action romance book listing sites Bill Patterson

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Follow Jason back to 1858, where he confronts pirates, sirens, and mermaids, while finding romance he never expected.

“The Rusted Lantern” is a hair-splitting adventure romance in which teenager Jason Hanson, a quiet, introverted surfer, discovers an ancient boat dock lantern high up Sunset Cliffs in modern San Diego. The Magic of the lantern takes Jason back in time to 1858, when San Diego was a quiet, burgeoning settlement. Jason’s present-day father, Matt, has raised Jason from birth. The boy never knew his mother, Jana. Jason’s only knowledge of the woman came from a brittle, brown and yellowed newspaper photograph dated January 26, 1858. It is there, in 1858, the boy finds his mother very much alive. Along the way, Jason encounters blood-thirsty pirates, mythical sirens, and a real-life mermaid, while battling the pirate lord, Captain Jose’ Arvaez. Imprisoned aboard the outlaw’s vessel, Jason meets the confident, sultry, panther-like Celeste, who befriends the boy. Jason’s goal is to somehow reunite his mother with his father. The story tells of Jana crossing time to meet Matt, how they fell in love, and then were forever separated, until Jason’s adventure through time affords his parents the opportunity to, once again, be together.

This book is based on the True Story of the real-life pirate nemesis, Jose’ Arvaez, who attacked gold ships in and around the Coronado Islands off the coast of San Diego during the mid-1800’s.