Unexpected Kindness: Autobiographical Stories of Gratitude by Joe Vitale

Unexpected Kindness: Autobiographical Stories of Gratitude book listing sites Joe Vitale

"This book is a lantern. Joe not only brings light to many Unexpected Kindnesses he's experienced in his life, but with his stories he offers you kindnesses you don't expect." - Rob White, author, The Maestro Monologue

A book of true stories of how people helped me when I was broke, unknown, unpublished, and with no evidence that I would ever be a success.

They helped me anyway.

I named the book "Unexpected Kindness."

It's my way to give thanks to those who helped me, long before I became a bestselling author, musician, speaker, or ended up in the hit movie The Secret; and my way to ignite a fire within you to help others.

I believe the solution to the world's problems - yours and mine - is in one word: kindness.

Practice "Unexpected Kindness" and you'll influence people in ways you can't imagine or predict - just as those who helped me long ago.