Before I Wake (Travels Across Time, Book 1) -- intense time travel romance by Mary Ellen Johnson

Before I Wake (Travels Across Time, Book 1) -- intense time travel romance book promotion Mary Ellen Johnson

Historical novelist Magdalena Moore is haunted by the black-haired, black-eyed knight she first encountered during a past life regression—when he was the darkly charismatic Ranulf Navarre and she his meek, compliant Lady Jane.  Such a mismatched pairing must inevitably end in betrayal and tragedy.  Throughout her life, Magdalena Moore searches for a contemporary version of Ranulf Navarre. While she realizes  her obsession verges on madness, Magdalena swears she does glimpse her thirteenth century knight at a medieval reenactment and a tour of the battlefield where Ranulf died fighting to unseat an unpopular king. Most unsettling of all, Magdalena uncovers  an ancient document  which hints at Ranulf and Lady Jane’s tempestuous relationship--and which is written in her own hand!

Like a treasure hunter, Magdalena follows  clues that ultimately lead her to Tintagel Castle, where Ranulf and  Lady Jane played out their disastrous relationship. Upon visiting Tintagel’s ruins, she is miraculously transported back to thirteenth-century England, where she becomes  Lady Jane and Ranulf is her husband.

But Ranulf Navarre is far from the man of Magdalena/Janey’s imagination.
Why is Ranulf so cold and Janey so erratic? What secrets are they hiding? When England plunges into civil war, Ranulf backs the wrong side—that of rebel barons against an unpopular king with vastly superior forces. Knowing her husband is destined to die in battle, Magdalena/Janey tries desperately to cheat fate, save Ranulf, and finally find happiness. But when her secrets are laid bare—or more specifically Lady Jane’s secrets—Magdalena fears Ranulf can never forgive her. And if he cannot, will they be forced to replay their doomed love yet again.