ECHO - A character-driven two part space opera series by Michael Listen

ECHO - A character-driven two part space opera series book promotion sites Michael Listen

The year is 2377, and humanity has expanded beyond earth. Two factions exist, the United Corporate Colonies and the Ursae Dynasty. These two factions are in a cold war and are still recovering from the last galactic conflict.

The series follows Nyx Kordel, an ex-Colonial Navy commander, turned independent pilot for hire. Although reluctant, he takes on a co-pilot, Parri Hasana, who is trying to get her pilot license. Despite their age gap, they have a unique chemistry that often leads to comical moments and unlikely romantic tension.

When they take on a job to steal data from the Ursae Dynasty, they get more than they bargained for. Nyx’s one moment of compassion to save ‘the enemy’ sends both Parri and himself spiraling into the affairs of Shreya Nova, an Ursae Legion centurion.

This unwanted adventure of mismatching personalities takes the crew on a wild ride across the galaxy, battling internal demons, one-sided relationships, and a horrifying confrontation with a military commander named Prefect Marcus Ovius. However, when the team faces an inhuman threat lurking in the shadows of the galaxy, their lives are turned upside down. Their struggle to survive will not only challenge them both mentally and physically; it will change them forever.

Warning: The Series is a space opera at heart with high adventure, romance, and aliens, but it also contains one situation of adult content regarding sexual assault that may upset some readers.