Mentors and Tormentors: On the Journey to Self-Respect by Dr. Tim Jones

Mentors and Tormentors: On the Journey to Self-Respect book promotion sites Dr. Tim Jones

At first glance, Wendall is just a typical middle-class fourteen-year-old.

He's naive, sheltered, and insecure.

But he also can’t control his curiosity!

No matter how much he potentially embarrasses himself, Wendall wants to know why people think, feel, say, and do the sometimes crazy things they do!

During a span of four inquisitive years, his view of the world is transformed by a colorful cast of small-town characters.

Some are mentors; others are tormentors. But more importantly, each individual represents an important facet of human nature: happiness, manipulation, the strength to say no…just to list a few…leading our unexpected hero to go toe-to-toe with a sadistic psychopath, a cheating con man, and a best friend who fails at taking his own life.

So fair warning, Mentors and Tormentors is not another predictable, coming-of-age story. It goes deeper than that.

It’s an instruction manual detailing how to handle yourself and other people.
Wendall's adventures and overall good nature add fun and levity, which both balance and reinforce the seriousness of the lessons.

Characters and stories are loosely based on Dr. Tim Jones’s own experiences and those of thousands of emergency room patients.

His primary objective is to make readers laugh and learn. Laugh at Wendall's missteps, and learn his lessons from the safety of your favorite reading spot.
His secondary objective is to facilitate more open conversations between teens and parents or mentors about tough social situations.

Content caution: mature young adult themes and occasional swearing mirror common, everyday experiences for typical kids aged 12-18.