Moonrise Exile - a paranormal romance mystery by Avelina Kelde

Moonrise Exile - a paranormal romance mystery book promotion by Avelina Kelde

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Born with the powers of both shifter and witch, Nikki Atwood is an outcast trying to start a new life. But when a grisly murder rocks the sleepy town of Aspen Hollow, Nikki finds herself thrust into the middle of a dangerous struggle between the local wolf pack and a coven of witches. A struggle which shows every sign of turning deadly for someone like her.

As tensions shoot higher, Nikki is forced to team up with Calum Riggs, the shifters’ future alpha. Sexy, smart, and fiercely protective, Calum will do anything—even work with a witch—to keep his pack safe. Torn between wanting to stay away from the supernatural and her desire to prevent violence, Nikki must also grapple with her growing forbidden attraction to Calum. As they race against time to catch the killer and prevent an all-out war, Nikki discovers that her powers may be the key to unraveling a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens everything she is coming to love.

Full of heart-pounding action and heartfelt romance, Moonrise Exile is a thrilling ride that will leave you begging for more. If you love complex heroines, and strong, loyal heroes, don't miss out on this must-read book!