The Princess Behind Thorns - a fantasy romance by Cheryl Mahoney

The Princess Behind Thorns - a fantasy romance book promotion sites Cheryl Mahoney

If you enjoy subverted fairy tales, strong heroines, and slightly magical cats, this book will be perfect for you. Princess Rose Amelia was forced under an enchantment 100 years ago.  Although she seems to be Sleeping Beauty, Rose is both literally and figuratively awake, and she wants to make choices about her life.  Escaping from her enchanted garden is only the first challenge, but to do it she'll have to trust the prince who made it past the enchanted walls of thorns around her.  Prince Terrence came to find the sleeping princess so that he could inherit the throne, but he wasn't expecting someone like Rose.  When they both return to court, it plunges both of them - and the reader - into a world of intrigue.