Tree of Lives: A Family Saga by Elizabeth Garden

Tree of Lives: A Family Saga book promotion sites Elizabeth Garden

Tree of Lives is a family saga based on actual events.

It explores how history, secrets, and family traumas interconnect to shape future generations.

The story transitions between a long buried, but once very public crime caused by a man in 1930 and his great-niece Ruth, born 25 years later.

In adulthood Ruth is a promising artist, but finds herself stymied at every turn by domineering men.

Struggling to make her own way despite the pernicious effects of a secret family tragedy, Tree of Lives is, at its core, a female hero's journey with a painfully honest narrative and frank descriptions of the darker elements of human nature and mental illness.

Emotionally charged threads expose the ghosts of the past as you’re drawn into Ruth’s world, where she’s developed a way to channel the imagination she harnessed as an artist, and the grit she developed as a survivor.

But Tree of Lives also exemplifies how pain can become a celebration of life, and more importantly, hope.