Ancient Civilizations - Book 1 of Lamentations and Magic by Russell Cowdrey

Ancient Civilizations - Book 1 of Lamentations and Magic science fiction adventure book promotion by Russell Cowdrey

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Ancient Civilizations is a thrill ride in the style of Indiana Jones or The Mummy movie. The funny one, not the really bad one with the actor from Top Gun.  Through the artful blending of genuine archaeology, anthropology, and carefully crafted lore with rich characters you want to root for, the story transitions seamlessly into an epic science fiction/fantasy adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

In 1883, intrepid thief Louisa Sophia steals Egyptian papyri from the Louvre. Her heist leads her to Egypt, where she crosses paths with an archaeologist named Dr. Benjamin McGehee and his (unofficially) adopted son, Abu Saqr.

Louisa needs Ben’s help to solve an ancient mystery, and since he has some free time before his next expedition, he accepts. Their group, escorted by Duffadar Nahal and the Thirteenth Bengal Lancers, set out on their quest but find danger lurking around every turn. Thanks to their cunning and ingenuity, they manage to stay one step ahead of their foes, but nothing could prepare them for what they eventually discover.

Instead of the answers and treasures they seek, Ben, Louisa, Abu, and the Thirteenth Lancers end up transported to Aaru. However, the fabled Field of Reeds from Egyptian mythology turns out to be a planet on the other side of the universe, where magic is all too real. With old enemies in pursuit and new ones lying in wait, Ben and Louisa must try and survive while looking for a way home.