Business Economizer: How To Generate Big Money-Saving Ideas For Your Small Business - a book about saving money for small business owners by David Lewis

Business Economizer: How To Generate Big Money-Saving Ideas For Your Small Business - a book about saving money for small business owners David Lewis

Are you a small business owner, solopreneur, or professional looking for clever (but practical) ways to save money? If so, then this book might be for you. It’s called, "Business Economizer: How To Generate Big Money-Saving Ideas For Your Small Business," and it’s all about how to save more of the green stuff in your business.

Whether you're just starting out or have been running your business for years, this book contains over 100 fresh money-saving ideas for your small business.

For example, you'll learn a "Jedi mind trick" to convince service reps to erase erroneous fees and charges. You'll discover a sneaky way to research companies before doing business with them. You'll even uncover an obscure money-saving trick from an industrial fan manufacturer.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You'll also learn:

✓ How to invent your own money-saving ideas by developing “creativity on demand”;

✓ How to solve any financial problem with a simple, clear, 5-step process — get good at this, and you might not ever need a financial advisor ever again;

✓ How to get like-new equipment and goods for your business on the cheap (and sometimes, for free);

✓ How to get your bank or credit union to agree to match $1, $2, even $3 for every $1 you save;

✓ A simple (but non-intuitive) way to reduce check fraud and employee theft;

✓ An “obvious” way to save up to 20% on your heating and air conditioning expenses without touching the thermostat;

✓ How to save up to $25,000 on your paper costs;

✓ A sneaky way to research companies and figure out if they’ll be a headache to do business with, before you give them any money;

✓ An unusual way to reduce workplace injuries and worker’s compensation claims, while boosting employee morale and attitudes, without doing anything illegal, shady, or unethical (in fact, your employees will probably thank you after 3-4 months of implementing this “rule”);

✓ How to keep employees on the payroll when you can’t afford to pay them full-time;

✓ How to use your house to raise money for a business venture in your 60s, without getting a conventional mortgage;

✓ The real secret of term life insurance and custom whole life insurance that could save you thousands;

✓ How to pay your corporate bills on your terms without missing due dates;

✓ How to save thousands of dollars when trademarking your product or service;

✓ An “old school” method for cutting costs on insurance policies, and save yourself up to $100 every single month;

✓ Why my successful coffee shop owner friend never sells his coffee at a discount;

And much, much more.

But it’s more than just penny-pinching tips. This book also teaches you how to develop your own creative money-saving ideas to help your business thrive.

Now for the bad news.

While all the money-saving tips in the book are immediately actionable, you can only get so much out of them by doing them “as is”. The real power of the book is understanding and implementing the underlying principles and doing the exercises in the book. That takes work—work many individuals simply don’t want to do. Some of the principles are simple and easy to implement. Others are difficult and take time (and real dedication). To get the most value out of the book, you'll need to be willing to put in some effort to understand and implement those underlying principles. Understandably, not everyone has the time or inclination to do that.

See, unlike most “do this, not that” style finance books, this isn’t just a quick fix of cheap tricks. This book is designed to help you think deeply and more creatively about your business finances, and to help you develop a new mindset that you can then use to create your own money-saving tips "on demand".

So, if you're ready to take your financial savvy to the next level, then go ahead and download your copy today. Your wallet will thank you.