Interning For A Billionaire: Grumpy Comedy Romance by Erica Frost

Interning For A Billionaire: Grumpy Comedy Romance book promotion by Erica Frost

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Have you ever been attracted to someone completely wrong for you?
Someone who is everything you hate in a man?
Entitled, arrogant, selfish, and rude?

So what if he’s a billionaire and handsome, with twinkly blue eyes that probably make every woman drop at his feet.
But not me.

When I land the best summer internship after college, the last person I expect to see on my first day is Michael Greer, the guy I accidentally saw naked in a hotel room the night before my internship interview.
So awkward.

He’s determined to embarrass me even more, pushing me until I’ll quit my dream job.
But I’m not just any small-town girl from Nowhere, Kansas, as Mr. Hot Shot is about to find out. I know how to deal with pests, even rich, handsome pests like him.