How To Not Be Awkward - self help non-fiction by Graham Holliday

How To Not Be Awkward - self help non-fiction book promotion by Graham Holliday

This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 5/24/2023 - 6/3/2023!

Don't know what to say? Do you wish there were a better question than "How was your day"? Do you hate awkward pauses? Do you dread small talk, or talking in general? This book reveals a game plan to tackle social awkwardness whether you are perpetually trapped in it or just want to learn better questions for deeper and more meaningful interactions with people.

This breezy read has already been called "wonderful" and "offensive" (?) by both introverts and extroverts as it walks through practical steps to conquer social anxiety and those blasted awkward pauses. Sharing stories from his homeschool background, Graham Holliday combines his sleek writing style with everything he's learned into a wonderful package that won't waste a second of your time. Not convinced? That's ok. Here's some of what you can expect if you take a look at How To Not Be Awkward:

- Learn someone’s eye color to improve your listening by 60%.
- Don’t accept gradual change. Go all in and become a different person tomorrow.
- Spend time away from others to supercharge your people skills.
- Use acting techniques to be authentic.
- Learn the exact questions to ask to keep conversations from getting awkward.
- Learn how love is an action you can control, not a feeling.
- Put yourself in super-uncomfortable positions to expand your comfort zone.

This book won’t just talk you off the ledge and tell you to accept yourself as you are — it’ll jump off the cliff with you and inspire you to change who you are. And if you're content with who you are, that's great! You can learn some questions to add to your toolkit for better conversations with strangers and acquaintances.