Salt Girl - the gripping new murder mystery by Katherine Graham

Salt Girl - the gripping new murder mystery book promotion by Katherine Graham

This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 5/25/2023 - 5/28/2023!

The truth can't stay buried forever in this quaint seaside town.

What secrets did a lost girl die to keep?

When Izzy discovers the body of a teenage runaway under her conservatory, she knows that someone around here buried a very dark secret.

Who is the girl? How was she able to vanish in a place like Seahouses? And why was her grave filled with salt?

The police are unable–or unwilling–to investigate a twenty-year-old crime, so Izzy takes matters into her own hands, teaming up with retired schoolteacher Diana to investigate.

But Diana’s memory is not what it used to be. Who was the girl she knew all those years ago, and what was she running from? Diana has the answers… if only she could remember them.

Will they uncover the secrets that this postcard-perfect village is hiding, or will the truth stay buried forever?

Salt Girl will keep you guessing until the final pages.