Stay Out of that Room! - a young adult historical fiction story set in the 1960's by Clare Bills

Stay Out of that Room! - a young adult historical fiction story book promotion set in the 1960's by Clare Bills

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Two sheltered teen aged girls spend a summer on lake Minnetonka with their wackadoodle great aunt when a secret room lures them to break her rules, while hunky neighbor boys heighten the stakes.

You may not believe my story, and I don't care if you do. I know what happened and what we found out in that forbidden room.

Disaster struck in the summer of 1965 when, like a migrating goose, my wackadoodle Great Aunt Polly arrived from New Mexico with her signature eye patch matching the enormous turquoise muumuu barely stretching over her bulk.

Mom assigned Kitty and me as indentured servents to help Aunt Polly at her ancient crumbling mansion on Lake Minnetonka. We spent weeks cooking, cleaning, and prying Aunt Polly out of her beater of a car.

We hoped the hunky Minnetonka guys living next door would be interested enough in two sheltered girls from south Minneapolis to make the summer enjoyable.

Fat chance! Aunt Polly's rules were endless. How could she expect us to obey them all? "Stay out of that room!" she said about the house's one locked door. Stay out? Right! Kitty and I took it as an invitation to investigate.

Don't you agree that, under the circumstances, disobedience was our duty? Not only did we find a way to be neighborly with the dudes next door. Our search for keys to that forbidden room unlocked family secrets from decades ago.

So, we found out just how far we could push Aunt Polly. Who knew she had a hunting rifle?

Take advantage of this chance to fulfill your secret wish to visit the 1960s. Buy my coming-of-age story. I promise it will make you giggle, cringe, squirm, and gasp.

Stay Out of That Room is Book 1 in the House of Girls series based on the crazy adventures of a family with eight daughters.