The Gentleman's Choice by Blake Rudman

The Gentleman's Choice action and adventure fiction book promotion by Blake Rudman

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Caught in a whirlwind of adverse publicity following a viewer’s death, the streaming show, The Gentleman’s Choice becomes the target for a sadistic killer – and it’s up to PI Vanessa Young to put a stop to it before more young women are murdered. A sleazy internet dating show blamed for a viewer’s death, a host with a dark, secret past, and a killer with a sadistic grudge…

Someone is kidnapping and murdering previous contestants from the popular streaming show The Gentleman’s Choice – a strictly-for-adults hybrid of The Bachelor and Love Island. Private Investigator, Vanessa Young, is hired by a victim’s family to infiltrate the show as a contestant to expose and capture the killer.

Vanessa and Cole Gianni, the show’s charismatic star, begin to fall romantically for each other, until Vanessa’s plan goes terribly awry when they’re drugged and taken to a remote location to take part in their captor’s own brutal, ultimately fatal, version of The Gentleman’s Choice.

With the clock ticking toward their fateful final night, Vanessa and Cole are forced into a battle of wills to survive their tormentor and escape with their lives before it’s too late…