The Reawakening - The Pendant Series, a fantasy novel by Ashtottara

The Reawakening - The Pendant Series, a fantasy novel book promotion by Ashtottara

Kira, a timid and reserved girl for the longest time, transformed into a strong woman when her unexpected decision to change her life for good had everybody appalled. To justify her move, she rebelled against her father for the first time, her father to whom she had always obliged with. This bold act eventually caused her expulsion from the grounds and forced her to sever ties with everyone, including her mother, whom she loved the most. After two years, when the news of her mother’s sudden death came to her reach, Kira was torn all apart and had to take another courageous move. And that was to return to her parent’s ancestral mansion after all these times. Along with her husband, Ruthvik, and two-year-old daughter, Aiva, Kira made her way back to her hometown to see her mother for one last ultimate time. With unfathomable visions and dreams she was experiencing, little did she know that she was about to learn the truth about her true ancestry and inherit a sacred heirloom so powerful that if fallen into the wrong hands, it could only mean one thing; destruction.