Lost Love Letters: Book 1 in the Largo Bay Series - a beachside contemporary romance by Pat Adeff

Lost Love Letters: Book 1 in the Largo Bay Series - a beachside contemporary romance book promotion by Pat Adeff

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If you enjoy sun-drenched, emotional romance, you will love Lost Love Letters. 

The setting is Largo Bay, a beachside town with a small town feel. This family saga about the McGannon clan will warm your heart with its romance, drama, emotions, and hope. Each book in the Largo Bay Series is centered around one of the family members and how they encounter romance, losses, and eventually love.
Book 1 in the series is about Erin McGannon. She's worked her whole life to achieve her dream of owning her own restaurant, The Casablanca. She truly enjoys being the head chef, however the day-to-day workings required for a business owner are not her cup of tea. So, she hires a general manager. His name is Paul and he knows what he's doing; the restaurant thrives!
The only drawback is that Erin and Paul constantly bicker over how to manage things at The Casablanca.
One day their arguing turns into something else, and all bets are off!
Can they start a personal relationship and still be professional at work?
What happens if they break up? Will they still be able to work together?
What happens when something from Paul's past threatens their future?

And what about the rest of the McGannon family?
Will Max, the father, be able to continue after a devastating loss?
How about Dom, the brother? As a local paramedic/firefighter, he has his pick of women to date -- just as long as nothing gets serious. That is until he helps a single mother who wants nothing to do with him.
Then there is a sister, Char, who is excelling in her vocation as a defense lawyer. However, every Saturday night is spent alone. She hasn't had time to meet any eligible men and she's not happy.
The last sibling is Shea. She is a Largo Bay police officer. NO one in town wants to date her. You see, her father, Max, is Largo Bay's police chief. Just that fact, in and of itself, is pretty intimidating for the single men in their town.
It's going to take a pretty special sort of guy to get through the shields surrounding Shea.