And...So We Walked - a Christian memoir by Rick and Jane McKinney

And...So We Walked - a Christian memoir book promotion by Rick and Jane McKinney

How would you respond if asked to do something you knew was impossible? Something so difficult, so crazy, so beyond your ability that it didn’t even make sense. You’d dismiss it, forget about it and act like you were never asked, right? But what if it were God asking? What if you were absolutely sure that you had just heard God speak?

This is that story. The story of two very unlikely people who were asked by God to walk across America. They were to walk from one side of the country to the other, in every conceivable kind of weather, facing what seemed like insurmountable odds, taking every step together and accomplish it in just six months.

As you read, you’ll take each step with them: Meet the people they met, hear the prayers they prayed, feel their pain and celebrate their victories. This is the incredible, true account of their once-in-a-lifetime, adventurous journey.