Cole: Desert Rebels MC Series - Romantic Suspense by Tory Richards

Cole: Desert Rebels MC Series - Romantic Suspense free book promotion by Tory Richards

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Cole is the enforcer of the Desert Rebels. His job is to protect his club. He’s not looking for a relationship, just someone to warm his bed when the need arises. The club girls fit the bill until he’s tasked with protecting a young woman supposedly hiding out from a stalking ex. She’s too hot to ignore but when he discovers her lies, he finds himself in a dilemma of what to do with her. He’s killed men for less, and the club comes first. Wanting her won’t keep him from doing his job.

Raven’s in trouble, and it has nothing to do with any ex. She witnessed a murder while leaving work one night. Her mother calls in a favor that takes her to the Desert Rebels seeking protection. What she’s not prepared for is the crazy attraction she feels for the sexy yet bossy Cole. They hide their feelings behind sharp words and glaring looks but all it takes is one night of giving in to temptation to change everything. Soon, though, Raven’s lie as to why she’s really there comes between them and with it trouble to the Desert Rebels.