The Body Politic: Book II of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

The Body Politic: Book II of The Tribal Wars book promotion by Stella Atrium

BookLife EDITOR'S PICK (in Publisher's Weekly 1/3/23/ issue)

"A thoroughly gripping, poignant sci-fi saga, The Body Politic by Stella Atrium entwines an intricate, sophisticated plot around a host of unforgettable characters," and comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

Brianna Miller returns to Dolvia with fresh ideas for protest among the tribal women for increased human rights. Brianna greets each of the women at risk who make hard choices to bring offworld attention to their struggle for home rule. She meets with Kelly Osborn who worries if she's worthy of marriage to the famous warrior Rufus, son of Cyrus the ketiwhelp killer.

Hershel Henry arrives as an offworld photojournalist to witness and report true events that are unfortunately manipulated by the offworld media groups.

Just as some questions are settled, the Gora tribe mount an assault on the capital city of Urbyd. Can the tribes find unity and purpose in this conflict that happens right on their doorstep?