The Imposed Path - 1st book in the new Sci-Fi series The Gem Keepers Saga by Timothy M. David

The Imposed Path - 1st book in the new Sci-Fi series The Gem Keepers Saga free book promotion by Timothy M. David

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A cosmic war has come to Earth. My name is Emma, and my story is not your typical hero story. I was chosen as a Gem Keeper; along with my new friends and girlfriend Natalie. Together we must stop a powerful force - the Stone Keepers. All previous Gem Keepers and their worlds have fallen to this enemy. To protect our world, we must unite our world.

I remember the heroes stories from my childhood. The good guys always winning with celebrations over their enemies. But those are just stories. When Natalie and I got our powers they were exciting and fun. Then reality hit us, as we began to help people. The atrocities we face, and the mental toll of those experiences; I never remember those in the stories. Now I face the worst of human nature on a regular basis. Feeling the destruction and death in their wake.

When we learn why we got these powers, and their purpose; our lives were forever changed. Alien invasions and super powered enemies; all focused on destroying our world - and us. How do we convince the people of Earth, our petty differences will mean nothing, if the enemy erases us all from existence.

If we succeed in protecting Earth, we are expected to venture into the galaxy and beyond. With the help of the gems mentor, we have learned our powers have the potential to be unlimited. Unlocking those powers is up to us to discover.

This is our path, our life; and it was imposed on us. Will I be able to keep my promise to Natalie, and - Never Let Go.

The Imposed Path is the first book in the Gem Keepers Saga. It follows Emma through her eyes, as she and her new friends are forced into a cosmic war. Powerful enemies, invading alien fleets, and the dark side of human nature; is what she must face. Emma's new found love, and friendships; will be her strongest tools in overcoming these challenges.

This series will dive into the dark aftermath of Emma’s many experiences - the physical and emotional impact of being a hero. Pain, sorrow, and terror fill this journey; will love and friendship be enough. How much can a hero endure?