The Shards of Lafayette: Drops of Glass by Kenneth A. Baldwin

The Shards of Lafayette: Drops of Glass historical fiction book promotion by Kenneth A. Baldwin

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The Wright Brothers successfully landed their first controlled flight in December of 1903. Their maiden voyage lasted twelve seconds and covered 120 feet. From those humble beginnings, it took only ten years before European militaries attempted to strap machine guns to airplanes for use in war.

As mankind's progress toward domesticating the natural powers of the world intensified, intersections between different fields of magic abounded.

All Marcus Dewar wanted was to come to Europe, earn a name for himself, and go home. But the global conflict, invoking powers mundane and arcane, has torn emotional scars into his soul that may never heal.

Years into The Great War, Marcus, now an American pursuit pilot, and his closest friend, a mechanic named Jane known for her witch-like methods of fixing planes, receive a confidential assignment. Strange devices have been popping up around the western front, hunted by mysterious pilots with unknown allegiances.
But will the assignment ask too much of a twenty-year-old flyboy and his hedge witch friend? Or will confronting the unknown provide an opportunity to right all the wrongs of his past?