Keeper: An urban fantasy adventure by Michael Lasco

Keeper: An urban fantasy adventure by Michael Lasco

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Rowena ‘Ro’ McKinlay's young life on a Scottish island has been entirely uneventful. Until the day she receives a parcel that isn’t meant for her. A parcel containing three exotic reptile hatchlings who quickly display abilities she can only think of as … supernatural.

Hatchlings that someone powerful and dangerous is willing to kill for.

Ro doesn’t want to use the d-word about these creatures (they can't possibly be that!). But to protect her island from disaster—and to protect them—she’ll have to take them to their rightful custodian: the mysterious woman known only as The Keeper…

That's if the people chasing them don’t kill her first.

File under: fire-breathing, invisibility, magic battles, secret societies, and the d-word (dragons!).