Terror's Sword, A Kyle McEwan Novel by Kevin Kuhens

Terror's Sword, A Kyle McEwan Novel promotion by Kevin Kuhens

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Two dangerous weapons barrel toward each other: an anonymous revenge-fueled terrorist determined to destroy America with an unidentified bioweapon and the only man who can stop him.

When intelligence agencies fail to identify the attacker known as Terror’s Sword, the president taps elite counterterrorism operative Kyle McEwan to hunt down the terrorist and eliminate the threat. Connecting kidnappings and murders of the world’s foremost bioweapons experts, McEwan tracks the terrorist across multiple continents, unmasking Terror’s Sword and identifying his bioweapon. Despite these discoveries, America’s greatest medical scientists cannot invent a cure, leaving the world to face an untreatable pandemic threatening millions if the attack succeeds.

Global survival hangs in the balance as the terror mastermind and Kyle McEwan hurtle toward each other. Who prevails?